Winter wedding photos at Moulin Callieres di Jasmin

My last wedding of 2016 was a winter wedding at Moulin Callieres di Jasmin, in Coteau-du-Lac. We did an engagement session a month before, a gift certificate they received from friends at work (Sarah’s boss referred me for the wedding). I got to know them better during the e-session and got to laugh with them. I was really looking forward to the day to see what Sarah and Danny had planned for their wedding. So many beautiful details, decorations created by the bride and groom, so much love and effort was put into everything! And it was the perfect weather with lots of snow for us to enjoy!

Sarah and Danny celebrated their ten years together with grandeur, on that special day! Ten years together is not nothing! They met in high school but got together in College. They loved the idea of getting married during wintertime, especially Sarah! They developed a theme around that with winter decorations and Sarah’s oldest and dearest friend designed and created a cape to wear. They’ve put a lot of hours on the conception of the decor and it worked! It was soooo beautiful! Lots of people joined in to help make their day the most fabulous and special it could be. One of Sarah’s friend even made the flowers! So here’s a few of my favorites from that day rich in emotions and laughter! What an amazing wedding day and an amazing couple they are! Oh yeah, and we decided to do a first look for their winter wedding photos to be memorable. It gets dark around 4pm in December.. and what a first look it was! One of Sarah and Danny’s favorite moments of the day. Tears in their eyes and all! Enjoy 🙂

Want to know what Sarah thinks of my work and her dress? A few photos got published on Oui, je le Voeux’s blog. Click HERE!