Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant wedding – K + I

bride and groom at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant

Ian and Kira got married at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant last fall, on a Sunday! Why on that day particularly? Their first venue fell through about 2 months before the wedding and finding a venue for a Saturday was hard. Daniele at the Grand Lodge stepped in by accommodating the couple budgetwise and coordinating everything for them. They chose the restaurant Borivage for the reception which was beautiful with the rustic autumn-themed decor.

Ian originally from Illinois in the USA came to Montreal for work nearly six years ago. He then met Kira four years ago on the Internet. Ian and Kira took the time to get to know one another through texts and on paper, it was love at first sight! They went for a cup of tea on a hot summer day! The rest is history! Ian decided to stay here for « his sweet Canadian wife »! I gotta say that most of my couples meet online nowadays, like I did with my man, eight years ago!

The lovely couple decided on a first look in front of the Grand Lodge barn. How emotional and so beautiful! Talk about emotions.. Ian proposed in London UK, a year before the wedding, while the couple were on a three-week-long backpacking trip. At one of Kira’s favourite places in the World : Highgate West, a cemetery designed in the Victorian era! A bit creepy you would say? To her defense, the cemetery was planned like it was a big garden!

The ceremony took place in front of Lac Ouimet at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant. It was a bit cold outside, guests had blankets to protect themselves. Emotions were high when Kira and her father walked down the aisle to the Imperial March! Kira didn’t saw anyone else, all she could see was Ian up there waiting for her.

The rustic Borivage restaurant was perfect for their wedding venue. All the decorations were done by Kira herself. May I say she has a lot of talent! And how about the beautiful cake baked by Pâtisserie L’instant Gourmand? It was stunning! A perfect fit with the colour theme and with Kira’s flowers from Fleuriste St-Jovite!

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A Laurentians wedding at Hotel Mont Gabriel – V + E

Newlyweds at the top of Mont Gabriel

Edwin and Victoria got married at Hotel Mont Gabriel, last October, on a rainy day. Nevermind the weather, the colors were beginning and it was beautiful! Fall was in full bloom! After meeting in a bar in Ontario a year and a half before the big day, they fell madly in love. They decided to get married here in Quebec, especially in the Laurentians where guests could stay overnight. Friends and family were coming from Ontario (where Victoria is originally from) and from Quebec’ province (Ed is from Montreal). Everything was taking place at Hotel Mont Gabriel : the getting ready part, the ceremony, formals and dinner. The couple flew from Alberta a few days earlier after getting stocked in a mountain snow storm! They were trapped on a highway for 9 hours. How crazy is that?

On top of Mont Gabriel in Ste-Adele

After the touching ceremony, celebrated by Victoria’s sister (who was very pregnant), we went outside in a hurry, to get the pictures done. It began to rain again, but only small drops. We did a few pictures with the bridal party and the bride and groom’s moms. We then got into a cart to go around the Hotel Mont Gabriel. There are a lot of beautiful spots there, especially around the bridge. We finished on top of the mountain with fog all around us. It was like being in a dream with beautiful views!

The bride and groom were so patient. Never complained about the rain or the cold during the formals. We got back before the end of cocktail hour. That gave me time to take pictures of the St-Andrews hall and the wedding decor. My day ended after the first dance with sparklers outside the hotel. I guess the night was only beginning for the newlyweds and their guests!

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Un mariage dans les Laurentides au Rustique Resto-Bar (Lac-Supérieur)

En février dernier, Caitlin et Chris ont choisi de célébrer leur mariage dans les Laurentides au Rustique Resto-Bar! Les mariés voulaient que leurs familles, qui habitent deux provinces différentes, se rejoignent dans un  »entre-deux » au Québec! Je m’explique : la mariée vient de Windsor, Ontario. Le marié est natif de la Nouvelle-Écosse, plus précisément de Halifax! Ils ne voulaient pas que leurs familles et amis fassent une trop longue distance pour la grande célébration. Alors ils ont choisi le Québec, plus précisément le Lac-Supérieur à Tremblant pour célébrer leur mariage! Les amoureux vivant présentement en Colombie-Britannique sont de grands amateurs de skis et aiment l’hiver. Chris a d’ailleurs fait la grande demande lors d’un séjour en ski en Whistler! Ils ont profité des jours qui ont suivi le mariage pour skier au Mont-Tremblant en restant davantage aux Suites-sur-Lac,  la phase II du lieu s’appelant Fraternité-sur Lac. Là ou s’est faite la préparation des mariés et les photos de couple!

J’ai eu tellement de plaisir à photographier Caitlin et Chris! Ils sont faits l’un pour l’autre! En arrivant ce jour-là, c’était la première fois que je les voyais! Mais j’avais l’impression de les connaître depuis longtemps. Notre correspondance s’étant faite par courriels sur une longue période de mois. J’avais entre autre rappelé à Caitlin de porter des combines sous sa robe haha! Et pour les photos de couple, on a échangé nos mitaines. Les siennes étant noires et les miennes blanche!

Leur mariage au Rustique Resto-Bar

Ce jour-là, j’ai eu un coup de foudre pour le Rustique Resto-Bar! Un endroit tellement charmant, rustique haha et pouvant servir à la fois de lieu de cérémonie et de réception. La nourriture y est délicieuse, le service attentionné et amical et c’est BEAU! L’endroit parfait pour célébrer un mariage dans les Laurentides! La soirée a été parfaite. Les animateurs (les frères du marié) étaient tout simplement hilarants et les discours très touchants! Je revivrais cette journée sans hésitation!

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