A winter wedding at The Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant

Emily and Liam got married at the Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant a little more than 2 weeks ago on a super cold and sunny winter day. They met at Queen’s University in Ontario in 2006 and were friends before starting dating in 2008. Their relationship blossomed as they shared many of the same interests, predominantly sports and science fiction movies. A full year and three summers of long distance later, Liam (from Massachusetts USA) decided to move to Montreal where Emily was completing graduate studies. Montreal, with it’s charming character and snowy winters, was the perfect place for them to enjoy another two sports together: hockey and cross country skiing. As winter-lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, Liam and Emily decided to have their wedding in the Laurentians woods. The Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant was the perfect location for them to celebrate their union with friends and families.

I started the day by taking photos of the accessories in Emily’s room to then go see the boys while they were getting dressed. After the bride and groom individual portraits, we did a first look (or a reveal) downstairs near a fireplace. What a moment it was! So full of emotions! We wanted to take advantage of the great light during wintertime and decided in advance to take photos with the couple and the bridal party, before the ceremony. It was -25C outside, so needless to say we were highly efficient! Emily was brave enough to take off her coat! I guess it helps to love winter sports!

The ceremony, so rich in emotions, took place at the hotel restaurant Borivage. The officiant was Philippe Galliache of FSEV.

The Borivage restaurant, first transformed for the ceremony, changed again during cocktail hour for the evening reception. By the time we took family pictures and went outside for the sunset, they were done with the transformation! How fast they did that still amazes me today!

Un «Mariage d’ici» sur le site de Mariage Québec!

Je suis choyée ces temps-ci! Car on peut maintenant retrouver un mariage que j’ai photographié au Grand Lodge du Mont-Tremblant sur le blog de Mariage Québec (dans la chronique Mariage d’Ici) . Le mariage de Marie-Christine et Pier-Luc! Photographié en juin 2015 alors qu’il faisait une température parfaite. Vous pouvez retrouver plusieurs photos en cliquant sur le lien juste ici : Mariage de Marie-Christine et Pier-Luc. Et l’on peut également voir un autre mariage que j’ai photographié à La Toundra du Parc Jean-Drapeau en juillet 2015, dans la revue de Mariage Québec présentement en kiosque! Celui de Marie-Ève et Jonathan. Il est aussi sur le blog de la fameuse revue, aussi dans la chronique  »Mariage d’Ici ». OUF! Quel début d’année! hihi Je suis super contente!

I feel blessed these days!  You can now find a wedding I photographed at the Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant on the blog of Mariage Québec (in the chronicle Mariage d’Ici). The marriage of Marie-Christine and Pier-Luc! Photographed in June of 2015 while they had the ideal temperature! You can find more pictures by clicking on the link just here. And you can also see another wedding I did at La Toundra of Jean-Drapeau Park in Mariage Québec’s magazine, on newsstands now! The wedding of Marie-Eve and Jonathan that is also on the blog of the famous magazine. OUF! What a start for 2016! I’m super happy about it!

Mont-Tremblant wedding : Kim & Scott got married!

Last August, in Mont-Tremblant (Quebec), Kim and Scott said yes in front of family and friends who came from Toronto! They got married in front of Lake Ouimet at the Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant! This beautiful and happy couple met seven years ago while working together at the Keg restaurant. She was a waitress. He was a server. Last December, Scott decided to pop the big question to Kim! She was thinking they were going to brunch and on their way there, friends and family were standing along the way with a huge banner asking her to marry Scott ! She had no idea about his perfect plan. Living in Toronto and being big golfers, they decided to have their wedding in Mont-Tremblant (Quebec) : they come to Montreal and to Tremblant every year to golf for their anniversary. So it was natural for them to get married at the Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant. Many friends and family followed them over here, for a great weekend with the two lovers! I’ve got to say that this wedding was amazing! Kim and Scott are a great and fun couple! I’m not sure if I ever laughed this much before, during the  »couple session ». Thank you guys!